#recommendationwednesday The Financial Diet

This is an amazing Youtube channel, guys. So far, my experience of adulthood and being in my 20s is a scary and exhilarating one where mostly everything is new. I’m glad The Financial Diet exists cos at times it feels like it’s the only rope given to guide me, at least financially, through adulthood.

Definitely, definitely recommend. I picked up some good tips from it! Like having an emergency savings set aside that can at least carry you for 6 months (touch wood in case something happens) before spending on anything else. I’m still looking into how to invest my money so that it’ll “work for me” but I still need to do more research on that. Idk, the word ‘invest’ itself sounds so intimidating and capitalistic and something not me haha. But we’ll see how things go 🙂


A lift encounter. 

I had my most embarrassing work conversation to date on Friday, just after I knocked off work. 

I ended up being in the same lift with a POH (let’s call him S; to throw anyone working for the G off lol) and he started some small talk on our way down. This is nice of him I guess since he’s a very busy person, he could have easily kept the silence like I usually do in such lift journeys. 

But he asked me 3 times in that short span of time whether I’m really working here. I mean, 3 times. And each time, I’m like yeah I do, I really do. Funny thing is, he’s going to be one of the GOHs for an event that I’m in charge of this coming weekend 🌚. I brought that up and he’s like yeah yeah I saw that on my calendar. I think he was a bit embarrassed after that haha. 

Am I really that young-looking 😭 I mean it was Casual Friday so I was just wearing a dress and my leggings and my backpack so I guess I didn’t really look professional but stillllll. 

I didn’t expect this to be one of the woes of being a working adult but look where we are now. 

How To Deal with People (with different opinions than me).

Well, this weekend has certainly been illuminating, to say the least. I was down for an LP yesterday at Woodlands Bazaar (the heat and humidity almost killed me. I gulped 3 cups of water when it was iftar) seeking people’s feedback on the EP.

One of the questions was about having a woman candidate. I thought Singapore has progressed a lot on this front, and while the majority of people I approached were, it was startling to find some people still having very conservative views. One of them even justified that only males are capable to “lead” the country because Singapore has the lion as an icon. And that lions are males only. I mean – wow. I didn’t know how to respond to that but I just had to “plasticly” smile and nod like I agree with his view. I felt a bit of myself dying away cries. I mean this isn’t even for the PM position which is the real leader of the country. I almost wanted to shake the guy even though he’s a head taller than me.

Fast-forward to today where I watched Hidden Figures. This is part of my new weekly project – to watch at least a movie per weekend. Last week, I started with Me Before You (which made me cry my eyes out). Anyway, Hidden Figures was really good. It never really dawned on me how bad the segregation of blacks and whites were till I’ve watched the movie. I mean having separate bathrooms and coffee pots?? With the hindsight that we have now, it does look very, very ridiculous. I wonder what would look ridiculous 10 or 20 years down the road.

Feeling good.

Hello! I’ve taken another unannounced hiatus it seems. I hate to be one of those kinds of people that said that work has been so busy that they haven’t been able to do anything much – but it seems like I have. I try not to think that it’s a bad thing though. At least not for now, where I’m still new to the job and everyone has been really kind in showing me the ropes and letting me ask all the stupid questions (just yesterday, I asked E how to insert an image into an email; instead of it appearing as an attached document).

But Life in general, has been good! Since I’ve last written I’ve gone:

  • Paintballing with the colleagues for team cohesion – SO MUCH FUN. It was pretty funny when there were still quite a lot of paintballs left and the instructor asked who still wants to play another round and all the young ones, including me, raised their hands lol. I still have a few bruises all over my body though.
  • Family BBQ – A much more successful BBQ this time round cos of the sunny weather and cool night winds.
  • Bought BASTILLE tickets – This will be my second time seeing them and I’m excited! It’s at Star Vista and allocated seating which I don’t know if it’s a good idea for a rock concert? We’ll see.
  • Bought Seoul tickets! – My big trip to Korea is finally happening yaaaaaaas. October/November can’t come soon enough.
  • Held two tea sessions between uni students and SH (I’m actually not sure if I’m supposed to say names hence the initials) – sometimes the questions that uni students bring up are so idealistic and removed from the real world. I hope I wasn’t like that. I also hope I haven’t gone jaded.
  • Finished a book – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. I think this is the first time in months I managed to complete a book. I’ve been in the worst reading slump. Hopefully I’m out of it now.
  • Decided to go to MuBank SG AND #WINGSTOUR if BTS decides to hold a full concert here – my wallet is already crying. But I will cry even more once I see Seokjin IRL.

I hope you guys had a good Vesak Day! I appreciate the PH cos that means one less day of Lineup Duty for me (I was so anxious on Monday but as usual it was just my brain overthinking and it actually turned out fine. Though I still can’t get a good sense of P – which is throwing me off cos I usually can read people quite well. Gah.) I managed to catch a movie which feels so good cos it has been so long!! I still want to solo watch a movie in a cinema soon and relive my uni days.

My brain is a mush right now.

I have about 2 hours of work left today but I can’t. I have a report outstanding (only a few paragraphs on my end), but I can’t. My brain is ded.

Idk why this week feels very long, especially when you consider the number of out-of-office events lined up for the week. We already had a site recce, a promotional lunch, and now an upcoming paintball / hi-tea session on Friday that basically renders that day useless, work-wise. Also we are having hi-tea at Carousell in Orchard right after paintball. Yep, GG haha.

Lunchtime Adventures #1: dal.komm coffee

Creating a new category cos I have a feeling it might be a regular occurance now that I am in a full-time job (hopefully permanently! My interview is next Tuesday TT) and my lunchtime is mostly not regulated which also means new adventures yay. I love walking and discovering new places and lunchtime is good cos I can escape from still, air-con air lol.

Last Friday, since it was TGIF, me, A, and K thought it’d be good to hit dal.komm coffee after eating lunch. It comes highly reviewed by K. And I can see why! The atmosphere of the place, the drinks, everything, was exactly my aesthetic, for lack of a better word haha. If you don’t know, dal.komm is a sponsor of many kdramas – most recently, Descendants of the Sun and Goblin.

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

I was so excited seeing the drama banner and plushies from both Goblin and DOTS! They didn’t have the ninja Grim Reaper on sale or I think I’d have impulse buy already hahaha.


This was so delicious omg. I think it’s called Strawberry Cube or something of the sort? It’s one of their best-sellers – no coffee, just milk and strawberries – and I definitely agree! Amazing in the hot weather as well.

unnamed (3)

Us and our drinks. K had the rose latte and wow, I will get it the next time after trying a sip of hers. 

The best thing about dal.komm is that they have options to select your coffee beans – decide whether you want a strong shot or just a mild blend. That is definitely good news for non/occasional coffee drinkers like me. I just can’t stand the coffee taste. That’s why most of my coffee drinks have to be heavily mixed with chocolate or something of the lot haha.

I told Sya about it and she’s obviously excited so I might head there next time with her! They also have some vegetarian sandwiches and they look very hipster-y so I’m gonna try that as well haha.

How work has been.


Work has been a whirlwind at times and a more palatable pace at others. I’ve been mostly busy on weekends spent on outreach events, especially during the post-Budget period. But I also realise that I need to pace myself better so that I don’t burn myself out. I figured this out in my first week when I realised I was finishing work way faster than the others and I wondered why (is it another stereotype of the government being slow). In fact, it turned out that it was because work never ends haha. And also because they were easing me into work life cos I find myself deeply immersed in work now. Not drowning but floating.

I think work is way less stressful than being a student. I still needed to study when lessons were over, assignments to catch up on. But so far, I haven’t brought any work home (except for those weekend outreach events but even so they end there and then). Partly, it’s because I don’t bring my govt-issued laptop home (since I can’t access it out of the office) so I don’t get any work emails once I leave the office.

I’m also making friends at work! I was typically shy during the first week but I think my sense of humour/me teasing people is already starting to show haha. Even my boss was like “wah this girl ah haha”. I hope I’m not teasing to the point that I’m hurting people’s feelings though.

Office politics is a complete new thing to me. There were signs of it when I worked at CBTL but this is a whole different league. People can get gossipy while others can get snippy over the smallest things. I have to carefully traipse my way around certain individuals. It’s all a learning curve.

A few days ago, I dreamt that I was with Syu (I think we were in Jakarta for BTS???) but I was already married and got the permanent job hahaha.

Which sidenote: I unofficially got offered a permanent job yesterday! 😀

It was rather nerve-wrecking cos the Big Boss called me into his office yesterday morning, pretty much right after I came into office. I mean, talk about a way to wake up in the morning without caffeine. He asked me how I am doing at work, and what my goals are. Too early to deal with this. I somehow managed a coherent answer that looked like it impressed him and he drew up a huge mindmap to visualise my next 3-5 years.

Anyway, it’s all on unofficial terms now since I still need to submit applications (just done it!) and go for an interview. But it’s pretty much a done deal since they want me to stay and I am more than happy for the foreseeable future to stay with them.

I just feel happy and satisfied that my life post-school has more structure now. I am a being that needs schedules and routines to survive. I can’t live without things planned out. So, knowing that my future (for the next 3-5 years) is more or less settled, gives me pure bliss.

Also: I might extend my JKT trip next month (if I do get tickets for the concert – IME Asia please at least release the seating plan and prices soon) since technically I will be done with my temp contract. I’m not sure yet when I would start as a permanent staff since I haven’t even got an interview date, but I sure would like a bit of a break before I really start working full-time 🙂