I got the job (for real, this time).

Yep, I got the HR call this week! There’s a bit of an episode behind it too haha. I’ve been having a coughing fit for the past few days or so and it just so happens that HR called me in the middle of one. The HR lady was like are you okay is this a good time haha but I quickly told her yep it’s fine while downing loads of hot water to calm the itchy throat.

But yay, alhamdulillah! After almost a year since graduation (I ended exams May 4th), I’ve finally found a first proper job and thankfully it suits me well. The gross pay is also way higher than I thought – especially since this is the government sector where they look at grades and degrees more and I’m only a second lower Honours grad. I felt a bit of a loss when they told me and legit the first thought that crossed my mind was what am I going to do with the extra money hahaha. I am learning that I am quite bad at financial discipline. I tend to spend it all unless I set aside what I want to save for that month the day my paycheck enters the bank. So, now I’m doing that plus I have 3 budget apps on my phone to keep track of my daily and monthly spendings. It’s quite hard to say no to some purchases that I really want but I always question whether I need it or whether I just want it. Basic questions to ask, I know. But I’m still learning.

Anyway, yes, hopefully I’ll be permanent by May 1st so that I’ll get that permanent pay in June (and spend most of it prepping for Raya cries) and save for Korea!! I get 17 days off a year, but it’ll likely be pro-rated to 10 or 9 days this year by the time I join. It’s okay, that’s enough time for my trip hehe where I plan to apply for 7 days off (my actual trip will be 9 days – thank you weekends).

I actually have loads to update on here (2 posts in mind for Lunchtime Adventures, and other weekend things I’ve been up to) but I just don’t have the time sigh. I’ll try to make time but I think weekends are the best for me, especially since work is piling up.

I’m also been a bit off my reading bandwagon – I still haven’t completed Six of Crows despite the compelling plot and starting it a month or so ago. I watched a video on the 30 Day Reading Challenge today and it inspired me to try it too. I’ll try to read for 30 minutes a day every day, or every weekday and hopefully my reading spark will reignite again.

Sign of the Times – Harry Styles #recommendationwednesday

I know it’s not Wednesday yet but I just heard this song on Youtube and I am in love.

I may not be as as big a 1D fan anymore (when will they get back together though?? Their 1-year hiatus is long over) but wow this song is so good?? Those belting notes in the chorus are my ultimate parts of the song.

I think Harry may have finally found the genre for his voice. The song reminds me of old school rock and I can’t wait to listen to an entire album of it!

We never learn, we been here before

Why are we always stuck and running from 

The bullets? The bullets?

Also I’m eagerly anticipating the live performance for this song because holy shit those notes near the end of the song ❤

Happy Monday, guys! I will constantly put this on replay.

Lunchtime Adventures #1: dal.komm coffee

Creating a new category cos I have a feeling it might be a regular occurance now that I am in a full-time job (hopefully permanently! My interview is next Tuesday TT) and my lunchtime is mostly not regulated which also means new adventures yay. I love walking and discovering new places and lunchtime is good cos I can escape from still, air-con air lol.

Last Friday, since it was TGIF, me, A, and K thought it’d be good to hit dal.komm coffee after eating lunch. It comes highly reviewed by K. And I can see why! The atmosphere of the place, the drinks, everything, was exactly my aesthetic, for lack of a better word haha. If you don’t know, dal.komm is a sponsor of many kdramas – most recently, Descendants of the Sun and Goblin.

unnamed (1)

unnamed (2)

I was so excited seeing the drama banner and plushies from both Goblin and DOTS! They didn’t have the ninja Grim Reaper on sale or I think I’d have impulse buy already hahaha.


This was so delicious omg. I think it’s called Strawberry Cube or something of the sort? It’s one of their best-sellers – no coffee, just milk and strawberries – and I definitely agree! Amazing in the hot weather as well.

unnamed (3)

Us and our drinks. K had the rose latte and wow, I will get it the next time after trying a sip of hers. 

The best thing about dal.komm is that they have options to select your coffee beans – decide whether you want a strong shot or just a mild blend. That is definitely good news for non/occasional coffee drinkers like me. I just can’t stand the coffee taste. That’s why most of my coffee drinks have to be heavily mixed with chocolate or something of the lot haha.

I told Sya about it and she’s obviously excited so I might head there next time with her! They also have some vegetarian sandwiches and they look very hipster-y so I’m gonna try that as well haha.

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon #recommendationwednesday


I just have to recommend this show. It’s hilarious, it’s dark at times, and the chemistry between the two leads is so adorable to watch.

Here’s the premise of the show – Do Bong Soon is a girl born with superhuman strength. Her strength is due to her genes and is passed down only to the women in her family. One of her life goals is to design a game with herself as the main character. She also wants to become an elegant woman to meet the ideal type of her crush and long-time friend, Gook Du who is now a police officer. Thanks to her strength (and a series of funny encounters), she becomes the bodyguard of spoiled rich heir Ahn Minhyuk, the CEO of a gaming company. Minhyuk is the complete opposite of Gook Du, in the sense that he is arrogant and has no regard for rules. He has recently received anonymous death threats, hence the hiring of Bong Soon. There’s also a serial murder case happening in Bong Soon and Gook Du’s neighbourhood (which is just honestly creepy).

The set-up of the show already intrigued me and Sya when we first heard about it. Add the fact that Park Bo Young is in it and we’re goners. She’s so cute portraying a strong woman when she’s so petite (she’s either my height or just 2cm taller haha). Park Hyung Sik is also in the show and I was excited to see him after watching Hwarang (that show was a bit meh but I liked his acting in it).

The show is really quite good so far! There’s a mix of everything that I love – a bit of romance, a bit of mystery, a bit of murder. Perfect. They’re starting to play up the romance now between the two leads and I find myself unable to stop from smiling when I’m watching. Which tends to be on the MRT cos I have no other time to watch it. So, strangers would often give me curious looks haha.

I’ve also been spreading the love of this show in the office hehehe. I am very happy to report that I have one kdrama kaki at my workplace and she’s hooked now thanks to me *insert sunglasses emoji here* We IM each other on the progress of the show lol.

I hope the writing quality will last throughout the remaining episodes. The thing about kdramas is that it tends to be meh in the middle episodes and I’m praying this show doesn’t suffer from this syndrome. It’s been breaking ratings records which is heartwarming to hear! It’s also PHS’ first lead drama and I’m happy to see it doing well. He deserves it after the flop of Hwarang.

I passed!

driving test

Alhamdulillah, after two tries (and lots of money wasted), I finally did it!

It was pouring heavily too during my warm up, and drizzling during the actual test, but somehow I wasn’t panicking. In fact, I felt quite calm and just repeated to myself that I just have to do my best and Allah will take care of the rest (unintentional rhyme lol). I’m also very thankful to my last instructor who really hantam me and pointed out all the major and minor mistakes I made so that I was really cautious during the actual test.

The one part that I thought would fail me was my vertical parking. All this while, I had no problem vertical parking and can do it in one go. Somehow, during the test, I was too close to the curb and knew I would hit it. So that meant that I had to do correction. Which I have never done before. But I told myself not to panic and just do it. It took longer than expected and at one point, the TP officer looked at his watch – in his attempt to try and faze me I guess, even though I knew at that point it wasn’t even close to 3 mins lol.

But I passed! I did a loud sigh of relief when he told me afterwards; I think the whole room could hear me haha.

I’m excited to get my driving license in the mail in two weeks hehe. And also get my money back from my driving account that was unused. *insert sunglasses emoji*

Not today.

If I ever have children of my own, I’ll never treat them and feel how I feel tonight. What should be a happy occasion just became a complete nightmare.

If I ever have children of my own, I’ll be grateful and thankful and let them know I’m just happy to be by their side and see them grow up.

Nobody should feel like this. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.

I pray that God will open your heart to greater light and see the good in every situation.

How work has been.


Work has been a whirlwind at times and a more palatable pace at others. I’ve been mostly busy on weekends spent on outreach events, especially during the post-Budget period. But I also realise that I need to pace myself better so that I don’t burn myself out. I figured this out in my first week when I realised I was finishing work way faster than the others and I wondered why (is it another stereotype of the government being slow). In fact, it turned out that it was because work never ends haha. And also because they were easing me into work life cos I find myself deeply immersed in work now. Not drowning but floating.

I think work is way less stressful than being a student. I still needed to study when lessons were over, assignments to catch up on. But so far, I haven’t brought any work home (except for those weekend outreach events but even so they end there and then). Partly, it’s because I don’t bring my govt-issued laptop home (since I can’t access it out of the office) so I don’t get any work emails once I leave the office.

I’m also making friends at work! I was typically shy during the first week but I think my sense of humour/me teasing people is already starting to show haha. Even my boss was like “wah this girl ah haha”. I hope I’m not teasing to the point that I’m hurting people’s feelings though.

Office politics is a complete new thing to me. There were signs of it when I worked at CBTL but this is a whole different league. People can get gossipy while others can get snippy over the smallest things. I have to carefully traipse my way around certain individuals. It’s all a learning curve.

A few days ago, I dreamt that I was with Syu (I think we were in Jakarta for BTS???) but I was already married and got the permanent job hahaha.

Which sidenote: I unofficially got offered a permanent job yesterday! 😀

It was rather nerve-wrecking cos the Big Boss called me into his office yesterday morning, pretty much right after I came into office. I mean, talk about a way to wake up in the morning without caffeine. He asked me how I am doing at work, and what my goals are. Too early to deal with this. I somehow managed a coherent answer that looked like it impressed him and he drew up a huge mindmap to visualise my next 3-5 years.

Anyway, it’s all on unofficial terms now since I still need to submit applications (just done it!) and go for an interview. But it’s pretty much a done deal since they want me to stay and I am more than happy for the foreseeable future to stay with them.

I just feel happy and satisfied that my life post-school has more structure now. I am a being that needs schedules and routines to survive. I can’t live without things planned out. So, knowing that my future (for the next 3-5 years) is more or less settled, gives me pure bliss.

Also: I might extend my JKT trip next month (if I do get tickets for the concert – IME Asia please at least release the seating plan and prices soon) since technically I will be done with my temp contract. I’m not sure yet when I would start as a permanent staff since I haven’t even got an interview date, but I sure would like a bit of a break before I really start working full-time 🙂