Today, whilst in the shower, I got to thinking about how we humans are so very temporary in time and space. The shower is always the place where my thoughts endlessly wander, I realise. But yes, I thought about how in the big scheme of things, what we do don’t really matter.

Usually this brings me to a crippling existential crisis (ah what fun) but today I thought about how we humans, despite knowing this, do our very best to leave some mark or legacy on this world anyway. That’s why people write. Or make music. Or do any other thing. We try our best to leave our mark on the world, thinking that it’ll last forever or that it’ll stand out in the crowd. We’re leaving footprints in the sand, vulnerable to being washed away by the oncoming waves but we think we’re carving statues out of marble.

It’s incredible, really. How stubborn we can be. How we refuse to give up, even when everything’s against us. Instead of feeling pessimistic about this nature of man, I feel encouraged. Even though we’re footprints in the sand, at least we’re not alone.

We’re all struggling together. And that is rather beautiful, I’d say.

Ah I don’t know what brought this on – maybe it’s the non-stop academic writing I’ve been doing but I do enjoy when my mind wanders like this. Am I making any sense? Is there anyone out there that feels the same way I do?


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